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share the same SSD drive?

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Hello all,


Sorry if this a repeat question - I have searched but cannot find a specific answer.


After my son took possession of my Macbook Air I now need a new computer for my music system. Was thinking of a used 2012 used Macbook Pro 13.


Was thinking about taking the plunge on one of those Samsung 840 1 TB internal SSDs. My music library is only about 400 GB in AIFF.


With a SSD am I still better off with TWO drives - one for the OS and one for music - or just put it all on a large SSD? What about partitioning the drive for the OS and music?


Thanks very much!






(borrowing laptops - external 1 TB firewire drive - USB to Eximus DP-1 - Ars Sonum amp - Merlin VSM speakers)

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If you are getting a 1TB drive, I can't see any need to partition it or get a separate drive for music files.


Just as a reminder: ensure you back things up!



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