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JRiver for Mac on Mach2Music Machine


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I have a Mach2Music mac mini (version w/SSD) using Pure Music. iTunes is becoming almost unusable with all of the "updates", so I am hearing about JRiver for Mac just coming out.


Pure Music sounds great but iTunes is messing up the MetaData and it seems to get worse.


It also keeps "losing" my library on my external HDD.


Do other Mac Mini users recommend/currently use JRiver?


Is it compatable with a Weiss DAC202?


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I've not used Jriver, but others have and apparently have good experiences.


However, the latest iTunes on 10.9.1 is completely stable and problem-free. My guess is the Mach2Music modifications to the operating system are screwing you up. You might be better off just wiping the disk (or creating a fresh partition) and doing a fresh install of 10.9.1.

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