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Article: Chord Electronics QuteHD Review

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So finally my question is if it is possible to reproduce DSD files, as DoP (DSD Over PCM) via the SPDIF input (via USB converter), and in that case wich USB converter (with an affordable price) you think would work better, or what else can I do to get a better sound. Thanks again for your knowledge and this interesting review I really enjoyed reading, hope you can help me with this issue, cheers ...


DSD playback is via USB or SPDIF. In both cases DoP is used (no big deal; it's still DSD and sample rate color is white). Make sure Foobar plugins are installed (or for JRIver set to bitstream). KS or Wasapi; either will work (I reported and used KS either via foobar, JRIver or via Jplay/Jriver). The Chord ASIO driver does not support DSD.

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