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weiss - Chiron cables - glass fibre with Tx/Rx for AES/EBU XLR and SPDIFcoax


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Hi emmodad, I'm using the Chiron AES/EBU between the DAC and the digital converter, I've tested XLO top of digital line and MIT proline, frankly I can by memory tell the diff. are subtle, I had the sense of slight better focus with Chiron, but I had to concentrate much to find it... maybe placebo effect? As the Chiron was the new investment....

Also compared with an LFD analog XLR (so no strictly 110ohm) the difference is not drammatic (that impressed me quite a lot).

In general I think the Chiron are good quality cables at reasonable price, the comp mentioned are 3/4 times more expensive btw.




MacMini->FW->Digital Konnect X32(AES->Weiss DAC1 mkII

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