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Question to Songbird user' s


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I´m running Songbird parallel to itunes on my MacBookPro. Output via Toslink to my DAC.

All my music is AIFF on an external drive, connected via Firewire to my MBP.

When playing with Songbird, there is a "tick" between the songs, just before the next song starts.

Do other Songbird user' s have same problem or is it a unique problem of my "setup" ?


After todays dbpoweramp ripping discussion (see other topic) I have tested this aswell and transfered some music from my XP-PC to my MBP and played it in itunes and Songbird.

I used .wav files and the ticks between the songs in Songbird were gone.

Any explanation ? Songbird with AIFF= "ticks"; Songbird with wav = no "ticks".



I may hear a small advantage of XP-pc dbpoweramp ripped files in .wav over XP-pc itunes ripped AIFF files.

Aswell I may hear a small advantage of Songbird over itunes; but dont use Songbird a lot sofare because of "ticks".



Audirvana Plus ->15"MBP 16GB 1TB SSD -> USB-> Intona USB Isolator -> USB -> Chord DAC ->Borbely Balanced Preamp->Active X-over-> 4 Class A Monoamps->3 Way SpeakerHeavens SE

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