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tracks out of order when squeezecenter moves from windows

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i use a sbox duet and i am having trouble getting albums moved from windows to squeezecenter. i rip with windows media player to wav and then manually scan with squeezecenter which loads albums but the tracks are almost always out of order when they get to squeezecenter. i know allot of you prefer other software but i find windows easiest and i believe it will be most consistent with developing products. maybe this is the problem (windows interface with scenter) and why you guys use jriver, itunes etc...


any suggestions? i hate playing albums out of order...


i also am thinking of switching to the transporter and wonder what the general opinion is of the upgrade from sb to transporter. i use the digital out to theta casanova now but i would have to compare the dac in the transporter to see if i would use a or d out. my sense is the theta will be superior and i would still use digital out (but it would be xlr vs the rca digital out i now use). another general comment on the squeezebox...after about 200 hours or so it sounds like a different device. the break in change is significant and i went from just enjoying it to now considering it as an audiophile digital source which can be enhanced by selecting the right dac and cable to be reference level...


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I have a similar problem with albums with more than 9 titles. It sees the 10th title first and the 1st title and so on. I think is has to due with the software. I have been meaning to try changing the numbers and see if it helps, but have been busy moving video files (large stuff) into my nas from a remote harddrive. Try it and let me know :)






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and if it doesn't see them it leaves the album in alphabetical track order. WAV has no track metadata (track number, etc.) per se and needs an ID3Tag or some other metadata to help it (although your only issue is sort order, not naming, album art, etc?). Not sure what Windows media player uses, but that's likely your problem. Convert to FLAC or another lossless compression format and you'll be better able to store that info. Maybe that's all that's missing from WMP tagging, dunno.


Second, the move to the Transporter is a big one sonically, but not if you're gonna continue using your own DAC. Then, for $1500+ you simply get a slightly cleaner AES/EBU interface and native 24/96 compatibility (not sure how much of your collection is 24/96; wasn't mentioned). I wouldn't spend that $$ on AES/EBU....and IMHO the stock DAC in the TP is highly resolving but not very musical without mods This is coming from the first beta customer of the Modwright Transporter (significant tube mods to the analog stage), so take that as it is. :) There are many Modwright TP's out there now, and i feel proud to be a significant contributor to that movement.


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sounds like you think the transporter would sound pretty much the same if i continue using the theta dac. i guess the money would be better spent either upgrading my digital cable or dac. that seems ot be about the only way i can improve the sound quality i have now. i do not have many high res files although i do think i will acquire more as they become more available.


as far as the track order issue...i was hoping to continue using windows/wav as despite this issue, it seemed the most user friendly. i just rip and the art/data appears and then it converts when i move to squeezecenter. i tried using flac and i had to make files and get the data manually (art separate too). i would like to get to the point where i can just rip an album and all is there. maybe i am getting something wrong.


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