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Hi Chris

Thank you for your great site! Without it I would step into this area of big fun.

I am a newbie of CAS and have recently bought a PS Audio DL3 (as you suggested in your academy) to set up my CAS. After reading the many forums here on bit perfect, Windows vs MAC, Foobar vs iTunes, ASIO vs. WASAPI vs. Kmixer etc., I am now really perplexed! Is there a simple formula to set up a bit perfect system based on what I have on hand: Dell notebook running Windows XP, DL3, Audiolab amp and Audio Pro speakers. Should I use iTunes, Foobar, or cPlay? Do I need to install drivers like ASIO4ALL, WASAPI etc..

Please advise.


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iTunes is a no go on Windows. Aside from that, yes, you must bypass k-mixer using asio or wasapi or something. How you do that is up to you and your preferences. A simple formula is to just choose one way of doing it (ie foobar with asio) and for for it. You can always change later.


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Thanks for the advice.

So I should use foobar + ASIO4ALL to have bit perfect output? That's a simple great formula.

By the way, how I do know I am having bit-perf output. Any special settings to achieve that? Most of the times I don't trust my ears.

While I always have read many adverse comments on iTunes on Windows, I still trying to use it. Should I give up? The essay named "New info on iTunes bit perfect output in Windows Thu, 03/20/2008 - 12:23 — glt" in this site relights my hope of using iTunes for my Music Server. I really love the user-interface and especially the cool Remote apps on my iPhone.

Besides, aiff vs wav is my another headache, after coming across so many positive comments on cPlay, I try it and it is really great. However, it supports wav only but not aiff. As a CA site addict, I am really reluctant to rip all my CDs in wav format.

A world full of contradictions.


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Install iTunes and get everything set up as you like it. Listen to it for a week. If you're happy, leave well alone and enjoy!


If you still feel you may be missing something then install Foobar/ASIO and listen to that for a week.


Switch back to iTunes. See which you prefer or, indeed, if you can tell a difference at all.! There's obviously something to be said for outright sound quality but, unless money is no object, there is also a strong case for ease of use!


I would start by going down the iTunes route and investigate further if you feel the need. I would also use hard drive imaging software, such as Acronis Drive Image, to take a snapshot of your system, before making any drastic changes, so that you can quickly and easily revert back to square one.


Above all, have fun!


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