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Computer Audio Event in Atlanta, June 28, 2009


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The Audio Video Club of Atlanta is putting on an event focusing on high-end audio on computers. HeadRoom's Tyll Hertsens will be bringing his Audiophile Desktop System (which is what I have in my office and listen to every day), and they are inviting interest computer audiophiles to bring their computer rigs to show off at the event. You can contact Tyll at [email protected] if you are local enough and have a rig to bring along.


The event will be held on Sunday June 28. Access to the rooms for set-up will be at 12 Noon, with the event commencing at 2 PM, running to approximately 5 PM, breakdown by 6 PM.


The venue will be:

Marriott Courtyard Northlake

4083 La Vista Road, Tucker, GA 30084


Near intersection of La Vista Rd and I-285 freeway.


Just thought some folks here might be interested, even though it happens to fall on the same day as Chris's Symposium in Berkeley.


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