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Wavelength Crimson/Cosecant Volume Control

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Does anyone have either of these DACs with volume control? How exactly does it work? Is it possible to control volume from the Mac remote (as with the Proton) without degrading sound quality?


Also, how many outputs do these DACs have? I would like to use the DAC as a single device for output to a power amp and to headphones, if possible.


Any other observations are appreciated.




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as i am sure Gordon will chime in when he has a chance. But, dont confuse software volume control (usally bad) with hardware volume control like a preamp (good). The Proton is also a preamp that uses a program that works via the os to operate the unit's internal volume control. Wow its actually hard to explain, but all you need to know is that the Proton is changing the volume and not the os or the player. Not sure about the other usb dacs.


Gordon, how did I due? Ps Are you looking for a sales rep in Florida??






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I have the Crimson with volume control. It is in the analog domain. There is a volume knob on the DAC. Gordon uses a very high quality volume control, although I can't recall the name of it.


There used to be a remote control option, but I think that is no longer available.


When you use either of these DAC's, Crimson + Cosecant, it is recommended the digital volume available within Itunes and your computer remain adjusted all the way up. This way, there will be zero signal degradation within the computer. And, volume can then be adjusted via the DAC or preamp in the case of non volume units.


The proton volume control operates differently in comparison, although I'm not sure how exactly, so i won't comment.


As far as outputs, the Crimson and Cosecant only come with 1 set of RCA outputs. Although, Gordon also makes a balanced version of the Crimson upon request, which comes with a set of RCA, as well as XLR, outputs. Maybe the Cosecant can be made to come in balanced form. I'm not sure.


Again, not sure about the Proton.


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Just my 2 cents about the v-dac in case others are in the market. I ended up sending it back. Fortunately the online store offered a 30 day money back guarantee. I found the sound to be very anemic. Thin would be the word. It was similar to an upsampling Toshiba DVD player that I experimented with in the past as a digital front end for an MSB Link lll. Something about the high revving oversampling really turned me off. I even let it burn in for a few days before I listened to it using my laptop as the server via USB. I cant really blame the cheap zip cord USB because the sound was the same through my Rega Apollo via a high quality coax. No comparison to the great sound that I get through the MSB dac using the Rega as a transport. Granted the Magneplanars are revealing. I was just very disappointed. It is really hard to audition these kind of products and there are SO many cheap USB dacs out there. I decieded to bite the bullet and I am waiting now for my Transporter to arrive. I think this USB thing needs some time to sift out. Async seems to be the only way that makes sense. If I'm going to drop 2K on a dac I would rather go wireless.


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What are you referring to with "V-DAC"?


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Yes this is an analog volume control as all of them are including the Proton. But the Crimson and the Cosecant uses control knobs and the potentiometer is placed between the output of the dac module and the tube buffer stage.


On the Crimson you we use the highly regarded Penny and Giles RF15. On the Cosecant you have the option between the P&G $750 or the TKD $500.


Depending on your amplifier and you can email me anytime the Crimson has a kind of lowish output and the Cosecant actually a little higher output than most CD players.





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