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Today's Rach sym 2 with Gergiev & LSO is excellent.


Since eClassical permits buying individual tracks, you might also consider the Supplica track from the Rouse album.  It's an elegiac mood piece sort of like Barber's Adagio for Strings except with a wide variety of orchestral timbres.  It doesn’t really go anywhere, but it's pretty.  The frequently changing instrumental combinations are the main interest.  (The other two pieces are the polar opposite: raucous.)


Vanska's Mahler is terrible IMO.  He underplays all the contrasts between sections, instead limiting his expression to micromanaging articulation changes.

Mac Mini (2012 i7) > HQPlayer > RME ADI-2 v2 > Benchmark AHB-2 > Thiel 3.7

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