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HP EX485 MediaSmart Home Server

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I need to move my iTunes music files and library to a external device with larger capacity. My iTunes directory is approaching 900 GB and its currently stored on a 1TB drive. In addition I keep a copy of all files in FLAC to use with windows based PC


I have considered: QNAP TS-439 Pro, Thecus NAS N5200B Pro and Drobo (2nd gen). HP EX485 seems to cost less than others with better reliability. Has anyone used the HP unit to store iTunes library on?


I am interested to hear your opinions and recommendations.


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Hi digipix - I highly recommend a standard NAS device like the Qnap and Thecus units you've identified. The HP can be great for some people but it uses Windows Home Server as it's operating system. This OS has been unreliable in the past causing people to lose files and it's also had trouble storing certain file types. The aforementioned NAS units run a version of Linux and are very reliable. I use the Thecus 5200B Pro and highly recommend it.


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I can't speak about most of those units, but I can about the drobo. Its a pretty cool unit! I don't know what I ever did without it. Oh yeah, I manually backed up stuff all over the house at network speeds. It use to drive me nuts. One thing you should check is if the files can be read if you remove the harddrive and connect it somewhere else. According to drobo only the drop can read the files after it formats the drive for use. It sits in my computer room and is shared via the home network. I find this to be the best for file download and general use. Also, check that the nas you buy is dlna compliant. This is needed for some systems coming out like the ps audio unit.






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Thanks for your comments vortecjr. I do like the concept of Drobo, but I read so much negative about it on the net that I decided I did not want to go through the troubles some of these people went through. My conclusion was that Drobo is not quite ready for the prime time. I will, however keep an open mind and look at again.


You may be able to answer a question for me. Since Drobo will also back up the data, the maximum usable capacity should be less than the total sum of all dives in it. If I install four 1TB drives in a Drobo would the the usable capacity be 2 TB?


Thanks, digipix


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Looks like 4 - 1t drives is about 2.7t of storage. Not sure how it does it though. I have had it for a fews weeks and its very easy to use and set up. I did have no problem with the first one I had, but it was my fault. I placed a burnt drive in it by mistake and it burnt one slot in the unit. Drobo replaced it at no cost and so far so good. I have it hooked up via usb and have not tried the network share. One thing I really like is I can add a larger drive and keep my smaller ones. I recommend that you only buy what you need and some extra. Buy the time you need more storage the drives will be larger and cheaper and you can buy a larger one then.


good luck




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It was such a good offer I couldn't refuse. Right now I am confused, I think I don't quite get the concept. Here is what I did.

I slipped two 1.5 TB in the box.

Connected to Vista and selected to format NTFS.

It asked how would I like to size the volume. I selected 4TB (I think this means that I can expand that volume up to 4 TB?)


After it is done on the dashboard I see, 217.52 TB (used space), 1.35 TB (Free space).

I look at my computer and the I see 217 MB (used space), 3.99 TB (Free Space) and total capacity of 3.99 TB.


I could use some recommendation on how to set this thing up and some explanation as to what do all these numbers really mean.






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