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quick itunes question

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So here is my situation, I am trying to organize my library perfectly on an external drive so that everything is in place when my Mini arrives this week. My questions are, if I adjust the tags in itunes on my laptop does it get saved like metadata and thus will transfer with the library? or is it specific to that itunes? Also, the same question for manually adding album art? The last thing I want is to spend many hours perfecting my library only to have to do it again on my mini. Thanks in advance for the help.


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"consolidate" his library (making everything, including the 1TB external file full of new AIFF stuff) part of his iTunes library folder...and possibly making a redundant set of 1TB files..? He is going to take the whole shootin match over to a new install of iTunes (the new Mac Mini) and iIm concerned a fresh new iTunes will want to bring this 1TB folder under it's wing. David (and my) addtl concern is that any custom metadata work, or recently pulled in album art, now residing on the external (read; NOT iTunes library folder) drive will need to be redone. If you answer is truly "not to worry" then my next question is: why "consolidate" function even exists.? Thanks in advance



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Chris, thanks for the tip. I just want to make sure I fully understand. Which folder are you talking about when you say itunes folder? Basically what I have done is setup the folder on the external as my itunes library. I simply "Added to Library" with my external folder. So I just want to make sure I do everything properly.


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Hi guys - I'm talking about both the music folder and the iTunes folder that contains the library. For most people the music folder is within the iTunes folder. When you move the music folder outside the iTunes folder to an external drive you obviously separate the two.


If you move these "two" folders you will keep everything. I do it quite frequently when testing different configurations.


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Chris, is that file located in the itunes folder on my internal HD? is that the one you are talking about? My external drive is my default library under advanced in itunes so it is my directed library. Is the folder still separated? When you move your library to test something you move the folder with all of your music as well as an additional folder, correct? Where do you put the additional folder? I am just not 100% clear yet and want to make sure I do everything correctly.


What is the purpose of holding down option? What does that do?


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