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Where it all began...Belfer Collection

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The Syracuse University has collected a wealth of 78rpm and cylinder recordings for us to enjoy over the net. Some of the recordings are really early 1900's and for the history buffs a very nice window to peer in on a bygone era. The recordings are cleaned up a lot and a very good job, considering the age of the originals.


Maybe in 100 years time our granchildren would say, "what were they thinking to record in 24bit/196 in "those" days!"




Happy Listening!


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Also check out the links to other archives....is there no end to the internet?


Off subject: I remember a time when the internet was an IBM site and a playboy site. It was known that at noon the IDM guys would surf the payboy site the the whole thing would bog down. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH The good old days at the engineering lab at FIU when a cd player for a sun micro system was a $1500 upgrade.




ps It was not that long ago!


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