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Small Single Driver Speakers - Help

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I own and completely enjoy the 47 Labs Lens speaker. I'm designing a couple of systems for different rooms, but 47 Labs doesn't make the Lens anymore.


Please help me find a speaker that:


1. Sounds like the Lens.


2. Roughly the same size of a small monitor. I will place them on stands, but I'm open to floor-standers, if they are a small footprint. (Like the Totem Arro.)


3. I'll be using the 47 Labs Shigaraki amplifier, as well as other class-T designs. I want to keep playing around with low wattage, affordable solid state and tube amps. I don't listen to music loud that much, and when I do, my current Shigaraki system does just fine.


4. I'm willing to pay for a high quality fit & finish. Nothing ugly or weird. The simpler, the better.


I am a music listener. I don't care about technical specifications. I like my foot to tab and to have a big grin on my face when I listen to music. Tap, tap, tap, tap....


Thank YOU very much for reading....


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Interesting post.

Tell us some more about these speakers. They certainly look different.

I've not come across them before.

You foot tapper you.


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In Germany there is a well respected diy concept called Pico Line


It is an advanced "Lense". Better in bass.

Cost per pair some 200$. Get someone to build the enclosure (maybe 300$) and you will be better of.

Thats 1200$ profit for 47labs. Not bad.

I run a pair on the ceiling of my bedroom, with my head in the sweetspot. Foottaping a bit difficult, but wonderful listening.





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Hello TimberPitch,

Single driver speakers abound from the likes of Omega (probably the best known single driver speaker manufacturer), Decware, Horn Shoppe, Tekton, Zu Audio, and John Blue, to mention a few. Parker speakers are two way but are made for low powered amps. The German Audium speakers look very intriguing for low power amps. One speaker, though a floor stander, the new Decware ERR would be a dream for low powered amps, plus it is gorgeous with its sunburst veneer job. Hope this doesn't confuse you.




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You could try the Jordan fullrange drivers at




They were used by 47 Labs in the Konus Essence speaker and are supposed to be a good match with 47 Labs amplifiers such as the Gaincard.




I use Jordan JX92s in a variety of home built cabinets and can thoroughly recommend. Using the Jordan 8 litre design, it shouldn't be very expensive to commission a pair of cabinets from a competent cabinet maker. I went this route a few years ago and ended up with a system at around 30% the cost of the commercial version.


There are various reviews of the Essence on the web, for example




I think 6moons.com did an interview with the designer where he mentioned something about toe-tapping ...


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