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Last.fm & Blip.fm

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I know, it's horrible sound quality, but I have been enjoying Last.fm and Blip.fm. I have discovered lots of new music and people. We even sometimes discuss HiFi.


Does anyone have Last.fm or Blip.fm accounts?


What other websites let me share songs and playlists with people?


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I do not maintain an account however. Web forums are about as close as I get to online social networking - I do have a twitter account though. And don't use it. Same for LinkedIn - my profile there remains incomplete.


I'm not sure what is wrong with me about that - it could be lazyness. But I think is because I came up on computers early, about 1979 or so, but it was a platform rife with viruses (Atari). I learned early on to protect *everything*. I suppose that attitude has carried over to this much more dangerous place in time. Also, my hobby (multimedia production), along with work, has kept me busy enough to where I don't have much time for the other stuff, along with the fact that I do not want to risk compromising my tools (computers) with stuff that proliferates on those types of sites.


Nevertheless, I also find that the radio stations in iTunes can be quite good, and also Shoutcast Radio has lots of things to discover. I don't think either of those are setup to share lists like last.fm though.


I don't want to act like a lone wolf here, but I guess that in a lot of ways I am. I'm working on changing!


For instance: today I downloaded Songbird and installed it. Going through the setup and tailoring it to the 'way I am', and then starting the program and accessing Last.fm and ShoutCast Radio - which are built in to the program, I was besieged with requests to allow cookies - probably 25-30 just to try opening both of those radio stations. Paranoia struck, and I denied all of them (and still got through to the radio stations). I was formulating what I wanted to do about allowing all of these 'invasions' when I saw your post here about the web radio stations. Cool coincidence. Like I said, I'm working on it.


Don't cry for me CA!




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I gave up on "scrobbling". I agree with you about not having having "tools" that interfere. I think it's cool that the Last.fm client can "scrobble" iTunes and iPods, but I don't want everyone to know what I'm listening to all the time. "I" don't even want to know about some of the stuff "I" have listened to.


The Last.fm client was "uninstalled" very quickly. ;)


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http://www.last.fm/user/andrewhollo 45000 plays scrobbled to date. I spend at least 50% of my 'terrestrial' listening on last.fm; I find it sends me down pathways that I'd never discover myself. I'm pretty adventurous musically and it seems to accommodate some pretty 'weird' preferences. In terms of giving up my playlists and listening habits for the 'public' to see, I don't have a problem with this at all. In fact, some of my best listening has occurred because I've found people with whose tastes I'm highly compatible and then I listen to THEIR playlists. I've not tried blip.fm . . . I'll check it out though.




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I added you as a friend (or whatever they call it). I want to know more about Last.fm. Like I said, I'm not into "scrobbling", but I love sharing songs and playlists.


Blip.fm is more for sharing songs, especially through Twitter. I've been part of a thriving Blip/Twitter community that just plays and shares music with each other. I'm trying to find a way to integrate Last.fm into the mix.


My issue with Last.fm is "tags". "Tags" is/are like "genre"? I never (and I mean NEVER) listen to music by "genre". Artist. album and song is all I care about. Sometimes I play by year or timeframe.


Please feel free to make any recommendations or suggestions. I'm new to the social networking "world". Be patient with me.


(I've been listening to Nick Drake and Jan Jelinek Avec The Exposures from your "favorite songs" playlist. I'm glad to see another person into ambient and experimental music. Look what I did! I used "genres". I give up!) ;)


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