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Linksys by Cisco

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I am looking for a network attached storage device and was wondering if anyone has used the linksys network storage device by Cisco. I primarily listen to my files via a squeezebox duet run into a Cambridge Audio DAC Magic. Right now I have primarily mp3's, but want to burn all my music in full resolution hence the search for a good device. I use the windows platform and am thinking of using Media Monkey to burn and manage the music collection.





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I love my drobo! OK I broke it the first day I had it, but it was my fault and PS they did fix it for me for free. Very cool people.


Speaking of PS do you guys know that the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC will play wav, aiff, flac and mpeg directly from an attached nas with out a computer. The nas has to be DLNA compliant and the drobo is with an app installed.






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