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Laptop, Lynx card and Berkeley DAC

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I thought about a similar solution. At over $700, the Magma box seems quite expensive, and is another item in the audio chain that could be difficult or impossible to optimize.


As the audio system is likely fixed in one room, a dedicated desktop computer seems to be a compelling option both from a pricing standpoint and the hope that the PCI interface may be optimized by the manufacturer.


Any thoughts would be welcomed...


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Steelman, dont get me wrong I am with you 100%. To me its a big experiment! More stuff is more stuff is more stuff. I hate a ton of wires and gear.


We also found a docking station from IBM with a built in pci slot, but you had to buy a certain type of laptop and it looked bulky.


One other problem is that the newer laptops all have an express card slot, that we believe is not good for the setup. My understanding is that the older slower cards slots are better for noise.






ps the unit was over 1k and we plan to return it before its to late.


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