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Acourate+JRiver or Amarra Symphony IRC on Mac?

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Thanks Flavio, and great news both about the low-latency setting and free 192K update!


One last question (hope I'm not overstaying my welcome!) is Apple TV or Airplay compatible with Dirac Live? I know Apple TV resamples all audio to 48K, so it's not the favored option for highend listening, but for some situations, the flexibility of using a completely wireless connection to an audio system is warranted and it would be great if the Room Correction processing could be used in these situations. And most of these situations for me would be for movies which are often 48K audio, so it's a good match of sample rates.






Good morning Bob,


my understanding is that it should be no problem... but I do'nt know for sure, so you are compelled to download the demo and try it, and of course I ilke that :) :)



Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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And I'll leave you with one other thought (no need to respond since it's likely not easily in the cards, but maybe something for the future)... I often listen to music (parties, etc.) in a "multi-room" fashion. As such, I source all content from my MacBook Air (iTunes, Amarra or maybe Spotify, iRadio, etc.), the various different playback locations are fed via Airfoil to various iOS devices around the house (connected to nice speakers with the Airfoil Speakers app), and the MacBook Air is connected directly to the main living room system DAC via USB. The challenge here is if Dirac Live is doing Room Correction on the living room system, then this "correction" is being applied (inappropriately) to all of the various playback locations around the house. What's needed is some approach that allows a non-processed (or alternately processed better yet) feed to go to the other systems and then the main system gets the processing. A possible future product perhaps?





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