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High Resolution Technologies Musicstreamer+

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A USB DAC from HRT designed by Kevin Halverston of Muse fame. Uses no external power supply 8x oversampling and no up sampling. For $249 its a no brainer IMO. Compared to my reference player the Lector CDP7L its too close for comfort. I mean the Lector cost $3000 more. Yes the Lector overall is better as it should be for that price, but not by much. After learning how to program computer control panel eliminating Windows Media properly for playback through J. River and ripping through EAC using ASIO4al as the drive its to good to be true.

Powered by the usb port the DAC regenerates its power to ultra clean DC. A detailed sweet top with killer bass and clarity similar to a passive Preamp.

after my experience with this DAC I bacame a dealer. If anyone in the NYC, Conn, NJ would like an in home demo email me at [email protected]. Furutech, Kuzma, Plinius and Muse as well. A small fee is charged for demo and is waived if a purchase is made. We have Furutech cable kits based on the Alpha 1 series for ICs, speaker cables and powercords for a sweet deal. Ever hear all Furutech cables in your system, well now is your chance.

Hopefully I posted this in the correct Forum topic, if not please direct to proper place.




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