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iPod digital out

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According to the most recent issue of the Absolute Sound, which I received today, the reason that Wadia is able to do high quality D/A conversion on iPod's is because "the latest generation Appplie video iPods provide mechanisms for exporting digital audio bitstreams and component-video signals". So much for my Meridian guy knowing what he was talking about. Page 34 in the "CM's Best of Show" inset, April/May edition.


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They do say that these only work with the latest of players. They were pretty vague at CES. Working on my MadeForiPod certification.


while it is true that all the PortalPlayer chips had SPDIF they never really put the TTL level (i.e. not true SPDIF so you could not connect this directly to a dac) output to the connector.


Much of the inside workings of the iPod are available at iPodLinux, though they do not have the latest 6th gen stuff up there yet:




All the new players are based on the new Samsung Arm parts that look stellar:







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Hey thanks Gordon. I agree 100% with your statement about vagueness from Wadia at CES. At first I was told any iPod will work with their iTransport! Then it slowly dwindled down to onlt newer iPods etc...


Care to share any products you may be thinking of that require the Made for iPod certification? Just thought I'd ask :-)


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When they talked to me before they realized who I was they were spinning the idea that they had a data connection to the iPod. That the iPod would convert the format to PCM and then they would read it (I suspect from USB) and output it to SPDIF.


But later I thought that's a pretty big assumption and for the cost not really feasable.


You know I have had like 20 ideas already. Maybe some kinda of dock, USB/SPDIF dac with outputs like SPDIF, Analog and maybe headphone (tube). The dock side would have a USB 2.0 hub and allow one port to the iPod the other to my stuff ASYNC. Then there could be an SPDIF convertor and a MUX to either my ASYNC controller or the iPod SPDIF into a DAC and stuff.


Hell tell me which pin the SPDIF is on and how to enable it and I'm there. I would not really care about waiting for my MadeForiPod merit badge.


You know stand cool stuff...




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