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I have strived to be an audiophile since 1972. I started listening to MP3 files from my computer in 2000. Until recently, I have used Creative Audigy/X-fi soundcards to treat my computer as a preamp. After reading this site for a few months, I decided to make some upgrades.


Currently, my computer is self built with Intel Duo Core processors, Windows XP Pro, ASIO4All, Media Monkey (as well as several other media software), PS Audio DAC III, the Kimber Cable USB is on the way, Parasound zPre2 preamp, Parasound HCA 1500 amplifier, RBH SA200 subwoofer amplifier, Mission 781 bookshelf speakers and 2 Eclipse 10" subwoofers. I am much happier with the sound since switching from the Creative soundcard to the PS Audio DAC III.


My query for input is:

1. What would be the best replacement for the speaker system. I am currently considering Revel GEMs or the JL Audio 1007S.


2. I currently have a Logitech Squeeze Center to transfer wireless audio to a McIntosh MX134 processor, McIntosh MC206 amplifier, KEF Reference Series II speakers and Earthquake subwoofer. What is the best way to send FLAC audio files to this system? The computer is in the same room as this system, but separated by 15 feet.


3. Any other suggestions?


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