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Ultra Low Definition (Must See Video)

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... Nostalgia from the day when computers were computers and men were men. LOL. Thanks Chris!


- markr

There are only 10 kinds of people: Those who understand binary and those who don't.


PS: WHAT IN THE HECK is the machine that takes center stage here? It looks like the innards of a scanner, but I am not sure.


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No, oscilloscopes don't generally have the facility to make sound. They just display waveforms from electrical signals. Though I did once own a DuMont O-scope that hummed a bit (not in tune)- it was vacuum tube based -. I'm pretty sure that 99% of the sound is coming from the floppy drive motor and the TI and Atari computers' audio outputs - it appears that the Eico O-scope (the one where you see the 'hand of god' adjust the 'V-Pos' knob) is connected to the Atari and the Tektronic is connected to the TI 99-4A to just show the waveforms generated by their sound chips.


I've never tried this sort of thing, but I am also fascinated by (1) how he drove the floppy motor to create the buzz in tune to the song and (2) how he drove the scanner - Scanners are pretty much output-only devices and generally operate on their own when you tell them to 'go'- not like the FD which is an I/O device. How he got the scanner to respond to this sort of input is a place I haven't been to before. It is also pretty intriguing from the aspect of how he got the computers to operate in unison as they do here (MIDI?). This guy must be a 'mad scientist' type who epitomizes what Wozniac (and myself) had hoped the home computer users were 'going to be' back in that day: programmers. Maybe he should be described as a 'hacker' - in it's old-school sense (not a cyber punk which is what is today commonly referred to as a hacker) - re: hardware and software.


This is really a cool video. I like the irony of him hitting the disc of a modern day hard drive to sound a bell for the end of this presentation too.


- markr


PS: This guy has a channel on YouTube. Search 'BD594' on YouTube. Pretty interesting stuff.



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