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Heh, I'm not sure these guys get it. (iTunes plugin)

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Anyone want to compress their dynamic range?

Anyone want to pay to compress their dynamic range?


Well, these guys created a plugin for itunes that "examines and corrects your audio thousands of times a second. The result? Low levels are intelligently raised and loud signals are kept under control, all in real-time. Anything playing in iTunes will be digitally remastered for consistent volume level and spectral balance".




Heh, they don't get it at all...


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It might actually help! MP3's of AC/DC's Black Ice? Chucking 'em through this might mean you could then listen to, and enjoy, your purchase!! If you're dealing with a badly recorded, badly mastered 'wall of noise' this plugin might be just what the headbanger ordered. :)


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Are you sure this is compression and not just amplitude scaling?


If it's amplitude scaling such as can be done with Adobe Audition, this can be beneficial and does not change the character of the music. It only raises the amplitude without raising the noise.


Steve N.

Empirical Audio


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Well, I don't claim to understand amplitude scaling, but from what I can gather, this would raise the amplitude of all the frequencies to raise the signal to noise ratio (?). In this case, the low frequency levels would be raised along with the high frequency levels rather than raising the low frequency levels and maintaining the high frequency levels to obtain a "consistent" level.


I really don't know though; it sounded like compression when I initially read the explanation blurb.


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