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Zardoz..I love it !

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I am new on this forum but could not resist to share my experience with a

new device recently bought called Zardoz ! has anyone try this before?


In a nutshell, the Zardoz is a highly modified airport base with a lot of

goodies inside such as regulated and filtering power supply, rerouting

signal on the airport express, silver wires, lunndhal transfo for the

digital out , an external super clock with it's own power supply, upgraded caps etc..


I am using this in conjunction to iTunes and a PC platform and send the music wireless to the Zardoz, the sound is simply divine..I am a very "analog" person owned no less than 10 turntables, 7 reel to reel (Revox, Technics) but I must say that the Zardoz is a wireless DAC that I have experience provides the same type of texture that only turntable can give..natural timbre and a very relaxing sound..that I can listen for hours and hours of music.


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Very interesting. Such a shame it's hard to find out much more but I understand it's making a huge buzz in France.




How much did you pay for this? The reason I show interest is I'm tired of the ridiculous dropouts I'm having using iTunes 8 with the Airport Express (Apple need to a c ourse in customer care). But I guess there is no guarantee this would change that.




HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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How brilliant and mad!


I love the one in the wooden case with all the caps - this exactly the sort of product and passion that makes this hobby all worthwhile, it also has provided a use for the French I learnt at school!


Vive la France


Trying to make sense of all the bits...MacMini/Amarra -> WavIO USB to I2S -> DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC -> Active XO ->Bass Amp Avondale NCC200s, Mid/Treble Amp Sugden Masterclass -> My Own Speakers

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I paid $2900 from the importer in New York. You can contact this site and ask about it:



Regarding dropout, before, I used netgear router and experience quite a few problem, dropout, hung up. I now used the Apple Airport Extreme and did not have much problem.


The thing about Zardoz is that it is very musical, and let you listen to music for hours and hours and never get tiring.


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I am glad to see people have discovered this gem. I have had mine for around 6 or 7 months and it is smokin' good....the most analogue piece of digital gear I have heard to date. I bought the basic model and I have heard that the "ultimo" is something else. I had hoped to write a review on Audiogon at some point so people would be made aware.....


Initially, I ran it via a PC. The only real issue I encountered with the apple remote app and my security software. It drove me to distraction. Well, my computer croaked and I decided to bit the bullet and buy a MAC Mini and Time capsule. Not a single issue since then. FYI, Dan, its French designer, is a super guy. You can reach him easily via email or Skype.


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