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Best Bang for Buck Systems

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I was thinking about this in another thread, how about aswell as a reference system have a current $BBB$ Best Bang for Buck or Beer Budget System! It could either be as simple as a cheap option for an existing computer setup for people to dip their toes into the murky depths of CA. And/Or a system setup that offers the best performance for the money in CA terms (ie before improvements are outweighed by cost). Eg Server-Software-Streamer-DAC. Usabillty must remain high though. This will be highly subjective but will allow for lively discourse!


My idea of a beer budget setup - Old PC + Media Monkey + DevilSound USB DAC + Current Stereo Setup

My idea of a Best Bang for Buck - Mac Mini + ITunes + Cambridge DAC Magic + Current Stereo Setup* (of course this can be broken down again)


So I wanna see others takes on the above and would this be a worthy addition to the forum?


PS3 60bg (160GB installed + Native music Browser)-AVI ADM9.1-Klipsch SW12 Subwoofer-Belkin Power Board- Custom power cables-Supra Sub Cable- No Name Toslink Cable - PROUD NZer

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