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Please click on the link below, have a read and see how much you agree / disagree / snigger ...

I too still love the vinyl sound, it's pace, it's apparent openess, but some of the comments within this article are ridiculous.

Whilst I agree that a fair percentage of compressed audio can sound poor, claiming that the clicks and pops of vinyl are necessary impurities is totally ridiculous. But I laughed.




On the plus side of course, Avalon by Roxy Music is an excellent track, if not as experimental as their earlier stuff.


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MF is very eloquent in his writing and I do believe that he hears and really believes in what he hear. However, I tend to ignore his review of any digital equipment for most part as I could not stand his incredible bias and that he takes every chance to belittle digital. One of his last digital review that I read, he said something like "when listening to ( very expensive CD player, I can't remember which ) he barely listens to music but when listen to the same album on vinyl, the music touched his soul". I don't mind the fact that he prefers analogue and think that analogue is better but I feel sorry for any company that submit their digital product to him for review as they are in for a digital beating, deservedly or not.

However, I continue to enjoy his review of amplifiers, speakers, pretty much anything not digital.



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Yeah, I've been having a read through some of them.


He does write well, and I actually do agree with some of his points. Whilst he does have some great equipment I just found his vinyl comments a little, well, silly.


The article regarding MP3 playlists etc; to a point I agree that maybe I (we) have too much music and never listen to one album enough. But, wow, when you think about the access we have to all sorts of genres nowadays its really incredible. (He does mention Flying Lotus of whom I'm a fan actually).


I feel things are better now than they ever have been. I can honestly spend a few hours just listening through new music, deciding which I wish to download and it's all at our finger tips.


So pleased I made the jump to computer audio.


The fault of this site! ;-)



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I used to be a bit of vinyl snob in my pre computer audio days. My brother and I would sit and compare vinyl tracks to the CD equivalent, more often than not preferring the vinyl version.


Only when I jumped over to computer audio did I find that actually, digital music doesn't all have to sound harsh. Instead of reaching for the remote to turn the volume down, as was the case with my bright, forward Rotel CD player, I find myself reaching to turn the volume UP.


Computer audio has given me a clean yet focused sound, revealing all the details that vinyl appeared to, but without all it's limitations and maintenance.




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I scrolled further down the page to see those Bose speakers. It got me thinking ;; a future where the base iPod Touch is loaded with 200GB of capacity.. Streaming audio, untouched, a clean bit perfect stream, directly to the DAC in your system, or speakers ...


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Matt, I don't think that preferring vinyl over digital is neccessarily snob. I like vinyl sound very much and find certain quality that is unmatched by digital but just not enough to be bother with all the expenses and building a new music collection yet.


However, my point was that some of MF comments really went too far, to the point of being ridiculous. He just could not left enough by just stating that he prefers analog sound or certain aspects of analog sound reproduction but added more sniding, often really snooty comment regarding digital that it made me wonder why he even bother reviewing them at all. That's how I feel when I read his review. Cutting out some of those comments would make his review much more useful as his comments were quite informative otherwise.


Just my 2 cents.


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Fremer certainly has a sense of humour. And like Rodney Dangerfield he often gets no respect from certain areas of the audiophile world. I think much of his commentary re digital is a bit of tongue in cheek sass to those elements. He DOES prefer vinyl but certainly listens to digital as well. I would take his digital comments with a grain of salt.


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