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Sonic Impact Tio

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This may have been discussed here before, but it is new to me.


In the process of ordering one of the Sonic Impact Class T amps being sold off at 50.00 (with AC power supply) at parts express, I happend to visit the SI website. I did not know they were selling something I've been waiting for and predicting for 3 years...amp on a PCI card. TriPath 60wX2@4ohm, no less and 79.00. Needless to say I ordered immediately. This added to the venerable MBS-5 server I posted pix off here a few weeks back will provide a complete music system of audiophile quality. While it would easily drive my big ol K'horns, I intend to use it as a second system with Frazier Mark IV's. It will drive them to all the volume I need in a secondary system.


The only thing lacking now is a Card Deluxe, M-Audio, or like top of the line soundcard with a TriPath integrated to achieve the final convergence. If you had the slots, 3 of these and a self-amped woofer in a music server with an HDTV tuner/PVR card would provide the ultimate HT/Music PC...just add speakers.


I'm lovin' it...




\"If it sounds good, it IS good.\" Duke Ellington

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