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2.1 Powered Speakers in a 5.1 AV world?

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So am considering the ADM 9.1 powered solution with Mac Mini source, want to put a new 1080 LCD or Plasma as centerpiece and second input to ADM's. As all AV sources now are 5.1 where does the center channel information get "mixed down" into a 2.1 loudspeaker solution?


Thanks in advance



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I use ADM9.1s for computer audio and as a Speaker setup for my DVD/Bluray (PS3).

All DVDs have a 2ch mix, also DD natively downmixes to 2.1 it is a requirement of the standard. Basically the centre channel is duplicated in both left and right speakers creating a 'Phantom' centre much like used when Dolby Prologic first came out .

In terms of performance its Awesome! I used to run a Dolby Digital NAD Reciever and Wharefdale surrounds and I don't really miss anything.

I probably will go back to the multi channel one day but only with a dedicated Home Theatre. As of right now the balance between Audio and HT is perfect!

The above will work on any 2.1 setup but I can only share my experences with mine.

P.S. If you are using the ADM9.1 for HT a decent Sub is a must. Either the matched AVI model or maybe a REL which I have heard is a good match aswell as being quick enough for music.


PS3 60bg (160GB installed + Native music Browser)-AVI ADM9.1-Klipsch SW12 Subwoofer-Belkin Power Board- Custom power cables-Supra Sub Cable- No Name Toslink Cable - PROUD NZer

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