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Loosing Channel on Mini

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Hello All,


I have a Mini connected by Toslink to a DacMagic2 going into a Sansui G-5000 and Tannoy Reds. The system was working well for a while, and then I lost sound in one speaker.


Initially I thought the speaker was gone. However on closer inspection of the issue I found using Audio Midi and the "Configure Speakers" setting I could get sound back for a few minutes, then the sound cuts out.


I have tested the Sansui using a normal CD player and everything works, including the speakers. I have used the software settings in a number of combinations and still cannot fix the problem.


I moved the Mini and the DAC over to a Sansui G-3500 and another set of speakers (Coral) and they seem to work.


Has anyone had a Mini loose a channel before? Does it sound more like a DAC issue? Any help would be appreciated.




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I had a similar problem with a mac mini losing sound on one channel - it turned out to be the balance control that was drifting to one side all by itself. Turned out to be a known problem which happened when the computer was working hard and the system volume was rapidly adjusted. The system balance setting is under System Preferences / Sound if you want to check if you're experiencing the same issue.


Unfortunately I never found a solution, I sidestepped it by using a different dac that doesn't support the system balance control.




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Thanks for the reply. I think I have worked out it is the Mini doing something wrong. I have been using the DAC with a CD player on Optical and no issues.


I will have to go through the audio settings and double check. I checked the Sound preferences and when using digital output there is no balance control.







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