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Vintage vs. New (bass handling system)

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I'm hoping some knowledgeable person can help me w/ this.


I've been looking online to find the best receiver or amp/preamp combo I can find that will suit my needs for years to come. Though I'm a big fan of the vintage Marantz 22XX or 23XX receivers for looks, I don't know that they'd be the best bet to suit my needs. I listen to quite a bit of music that has a lot of bass (dubstep, hip-hop, etc.) so I want a setup that will have good bass handling, high power and will be affordable. Not to mention be able to play my delta blues and rock albums without issue. I play most of my music through my MAC, however would like the option to use additional inputs (turntable) as well. I still don't know if I'll need a separate sub-input or not since I don't know what speakers I'd be inclined to buy yet (any input is appreciated). In a nutshell I would like a audiophile quality system by day and an impressive party system by night with esthetically pleasing looks to boot.....impossible?


If you have any ideas (receivers, amps/preamps, speakers) I'd really appreciate any input you can give me. Your biased opinion is appreciated!


Oh, also, I should add that I'd like to keep my cost below $1000 for the entire system (including speakers). Any ideas?


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You've bitten off a tough goal. To keep the price at $1000 or less, you can only think used, but more importantly have to be able to sift the wheat from the chaff.


I would suggest you look at estate sales and be patient. Fine equipment shows up for a modest sum as that market rarely prices things to the market.


If you go to audiogoN the buyers are savy as are the sellers and I'm afraid your budget may have to be moved upwards.


It's not the brand, but the opportunity to buy quality goods inexpensively that should be your goal.




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The first thing that comes to mind is power. It takes a generous amount to produce nice clean bass.


The amp that comes to mind is Adcom, well known for being conservatively rated in terms of watts.


You can pick them up used on the net for around $100 depending on model.


Hopefully others will comment on the rest of the components.


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I too am a fan of the vintage Marantz/McIntosh receivers, great sound and looks.


I have a Marantz 2270 as part of a second system and it has more than enough juice to power my Essence Super Gems rated at 88db efficiency. They are large and heavy monitors with an 6.5in rear ported woofer and 1in tweeter and with the volume at 6 o'clock on the Marantz they get plenty loud.


You can probably find one on Ebay for between $200-$400 in good shape. I think I paid somewhere in that range 2yrs ago when I got mine with the walnut case. Haven't had a problem with it yet. It also has a phono input which I haven't tried yet but I heard it's pretty good.


As far as speakers, I can't give you any suggestions in that price range but it's not impossible to have a great sounding system in that price range. Don't let anyone try to steer you away from your ultimate goal, if it sounds and looks good to you that's all that matter.


Good luck



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The best thing I did for bass was to partially bi-amp my speakers by using an AVR and an active crossover. However, I don't listen to a lot of bass heavy music so I have the feeling that you will want a sub at least eventually. If you are looking to keep costs down, I would look at getting a pair of active studio monitors with a sub. You'll get more sound for the money because the amps are built in plus being active gives them an inherent advantage when it comes to "tight" bass as the amps directly control the drivers, and the sub would give you the depth needed.


If not that, get a used AVR: best bang for the buck because they depreciate so damn quickly since everyone needs the feature of the year. Built in dac and everything. B&W 604 S3 are the bassiest speaker I've ever heard and can be found used for peanuts now that the new series is out.


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Hey Pixelpen, for your taste in music and from personal experience I honestly don't think you would be satisfied without a sub to go with your speakers. As a suggestion go to the Elemental Designs website @ www.edesignaudio.com; under Home Audio go to their full range speakers. Check out their different pairs. Then go to their Package Builder under Home Audio and you can choose anywhere from a 2.1 through 7.1 system and it will save you a whole wad of cash. I suggest doing the 6T6 MTM pair and A-300 (powered) sub package under 2.1 System Type for $820.00, which saves you $145 compared to buying the pair of speakers and subwoofer seperately; and gives you almost $200 to work with for a used 2-channel integrated amp with enough juice. If you start with solid speakers you will get solid results given they are powered sufficiently. A sub is a must with hip-hop in my eyes unless you are using towers with big boy monoblocks beyond your budget especially pumping up the volume for extended periods at your parties. I have personally used Elemental Designs' amps, speakers, and subs for car audio use with nothing but great results. They are a fantastic company and most of their products are absolute steals for the build quality and performance you get. Their customer service is very helpful, and they know what they are doing. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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