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Ok, I am easily confused I guess. I am on the road with my Intel MacBook thinking I would use some down time to continue converting my CDs.


I just noticed that when I open Audio Midi Settings, in the place of the audio output setting on my G5, there is greyed out stating audio output not supported. On my G5 I can select up to 96/24, But here I have nothing. What does that do to playback through iTunes?


I am ripping via Max as Apple Lossless. I was going to use AIFF, but simply cannot get iTunes and art work to work, oh well.


Comments would be appreciated as I think I am missing something simple???


One up date - I have met with Apple engineers and they are contacting their Apple audio counter parts and asking my questions regarding terminal command line control of audio midi settings. Spend enough money with them and at least they will think about it.





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look at the drop down menu on the left under "properties for" and make sure that you have the correct output selected (not microphone or system input). The output will go up to 24/96 through the "built-in output" which is the optical out, or whatever your dac can handle via usb.


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