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Favorite Mobile Fidelity Releases

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U2 Has A MoFi CD, funny I bought it before I knew what MoFi was, I even had it for a while, then a buddy turned me on to what it was! Funny, great sound, although a bit brighter than the normal CD.




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Muddy Waters : Folk Singer.


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1 - Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington 2 CD Set - Together For The First time and The Reunion.

2 - U2 - The Joshua Tree

3 - Pink Floyd - The Wall

4 - Muddy Waters - Folk Singer


All of the above for the music only. I did not find anything in particular exceptional about the MFSL sound quality. In fact the Standard MCA release of Folk Singer mastered by none other than Steve Hoffman was in my humble opinion much more like I imagine the original tape probably (and I mean probably because I have not heard the master of course) sounded and so much more exciting to listen to!


I bought these when I was a young impressionable "audiophile". I know so much better now.


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Very cool to hear that you got it to your computer at native resolution. I've got a few colleagues who will be able to help me sort things out with high-res files, it just took a lot of asking around, etc.


One's bringing a MacBook Pro and a Minerva. :-)




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Most of my MFSL editions are vinyl, with the very best ones being -

1. Doors eponymous debut

2. Pixies 'Surfa Rosa'


The very best digital MFSL I have is the SACD version of Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' - by far and away the best version of one of my favourite albums.

Mac Mini/ JK DAC32/ Music First Audio Mk2 Silver/ Krell 402/ Thiel CS3.6

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