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Music Server Silent Components

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Hey guys - For those of you building your own music server and looking for extremely quiet components for your computer I have a few suggestions from my experience building silent PCs and a fanless PC.


Silenx ( http://www.silenxusa.com )

They have the quietest power supplies and fans around. For some reason Silenx products haven't received that much press. Trust me I have tried almost all products claiming to be silent or quiet pc products and Silenx beats them all.


Zalman ( http://www.zalmanusa.com )

They have great PC cases that require no fans. You'll want one of their TNN series cases if you are going to build a fanless music server. These cases are very solid and built out of thick metal. The case is essentially a giant heat sink like a standard amp. Their tech support is also good. I had a problem with one of the TNN 500AF cases and they shipped me a new power supply without even seeing the one I had problems with.


Silent PC ( http://www.quietpc.com )

This online store carries tons of silent PC parts. I have used them several times and had great luck every time.


Anyone else have some DIY music server suggestions for the best silent PC?


- Chris

Computer Audiophile | Turn Down The Silence


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I can't remember if a PSU came with it but if it did, I would've pulled it and sold it. I prefer Seasonic PSUs. I also put an 12 cm adapter on my CPU heatsink and using Nexus fans for both the CPU and the one case fan I mentioned. I have both of those fans plugged into a controller and they are dialed down to about 50% of their voltage which keeps things very quiet. I think the only noise I'm hearing is from the case fan so I'm thinking of surrounding the exhaust with sound deadening material and direct it away from me.


One of these days I plan on building my own case from scratch using 3/4" furniture grade plywood for an exterior and then building a separate interior that doesn't touch the shell since wood is pretty resonant. That or come up with the cash for one of Zalman's fanless cases that acts as a huge heatsink. :-)


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