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Best way to access lyrics from library

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I have my music on a mac mini which I run headlessly controlled by my iphone or ipad. I would love to find a good reliable way to have lyrics appear on my phone when I want. I have tried Getlyrical which is reasonably good but would need me to attach a monitor to my mini which I'd rather not do if I could avoid.


I listen to mostly non - chart music and so I'd really like the widest possible types of music covered.


I did hear about musixmatch and it seemed to have pretty good reviews but some were saying it interfered with the music files and deleted tracks etc so this made me a bit nervous.


Anyway I'd be happy for advice from anyone who can help. ( I would install a screen if this was absolutely the best way )





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Resurrecting this I'm afraid. I now have musixmatch on my phone and it works well if I use it to play Spotify. I know I can control Spotify on my Mac remotely from my iPhone Spotify App but I'd really like to be able to do this via Musixmatch so that I can sit reading lyrics from my phone while playing the music via my mac. Is this possible?



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