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Lightpipe - please explain

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Can someone please explain to me in real simple terms what is lightpipe? What is the difference between lightpipe and Toslink - is it that the protocols are just different? And can lightpipe support 96Khz?








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Hi Monty - I couldn't have said it better myself, so I'll refer you to Wikipedia.


Lightpipe uses fiber optic cables (hence its name) to carry data, with Toslink connectors at either end, making them identical to S/PDIF optical cables. However, the data streams of the two protocols are totally incompatible. S/PDIF is mostly used for transferring stereo or multi-channel surround sound audio, whereas the ADAT optical interface supports up to 8 channels at 48 kHz, 24 bit. Recently, Lightpipe devices have been successfully interfaced via FireWire.




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When you say the data streams of the two protocols are totally incompatible - does that mean you can use a Lightpipe "cable" between Toslink / SPDIF interfaces, though obviously not to connect between a ADAT type Lightpipe and an SPDIF device?


To put another way - the Lightpipe and TosLink connectors are the physical layer which transport SPDIF or ADAT data.


I might have confused everyone more in requesting the clarification ... but hope you understand the question as I'm curious to know.






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