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ASIO4ALL Settings

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Hi all,


As a novice to the world of computer audio I have recently setup a computer based system incorporating a CA DacMagic, Audiolab 8000s and a pair of Kef IQ3's with the CA being fed via the usb using XP and J River Media Centre with the AISO4ALL driver.


My question relates to the settings for the AISO4ALL as I am a little confused about resampling and forcing the WDM Driver to 16 bit, can anyone explain what effect checking the resampling option has and also the same for forcing the WDM Driver to 16 Bit?


Many thanks in advance.


Andy ..


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Hi Andy,


There are two menu tabs for ASIO4LL, basic and advanced. It seems you're wandering about in the advanced tab :)


Those two settings are for troubleshooting relating to the older AC97 sound card and won't be applicable if your machine's under 5 years old.


Unless you're experiencing dropouts in the audio stream there is no need to change the default ASIO4ALL settings.





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