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Weiss DAC2 FW400 connection and MacMini FW800

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Hello everybody,

i'm newbie in this forum and i'm going to move my hi-fi system to a new concept.

I would like to buy a DAC2 with a the new MacMini but i don't know if the two pieces are compliant now that MacMini have a FW800 on board..

Does anyone have try this before?


Thank you very much for your help.


I'm from Italy, my system is composed by:


Resolution Audio CD 50

Thorens TD115MKII + Stanton 681eee

Pre ML 38

Genelec 1037C


Cables MIT/Vandenhul a some DIY (power).




Ciao Stefano.

[br]Lumin T1 - Transrotor Darkstar - McIntosh MA7000 - Synology NAS - Magnepan 1.7 - PS Audio P10 Power Plant.

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Strange, he told me that one customer with the new MacMini have some trouble using the firewire and he did not tryed this config animore mmm


Ciao Stefano.

[br]Lumin T1 - Transrotor Darkstar - McIntosh MA7000 - Synology NAS - Magnepan 1.7 - PS Audio P10 Power Plant.

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Hi I have a dac 2 and new mac mini. I did have trouble but an intermittent one with the optical connection not the firewire. The dac 2 is being replaced/ exchanged for another dac 2. There was some thought that my optical cable at 7 feet was too long but my previous dac had no trouble locking.

I am fully confident that the replacement dac 2 will have no problems. With firewire and coaxial, the sound is all you could wish for. The service from Weiss and the local dealer has been exemplary.


Hope this helps




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It might have been me. I demo'd both the Minerva and it's DAC2 version. With the Minerva I got it talking to my Vista PC firewire only once (great listening that evening), then nothing. ? So when I was able to get my hands on a DAC2 later on I immediately tried it at the Apple Store, with a new Mac Mini (9 pin to 6 pin wire provided by Apple). They couldn't get it it to see the DAC2 either. Same on my PC again later that day. Weird. However, even through AES/EBU the thing sings!! It is a gloriously musical box, with detail and weight, and a tube-like midrange that even the Berkeley can't match (IMO); and if Weiss can get the drivers compatible (or rid me of my firewire demons if it's only me) then it is the DAC for me.


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Yes its not really a workaround just a bit misleading in the info...switching off the DAC does not power it down/more like stdby....fire up the mini audio devices select the Weiss in the default and system output...and also in the "properties for"...if you dont select the properties for you end up with the weiss control panel overriding the midi one...its boody confusing and needs a proper write up in the manual....just make sure you select the weiss if it doesnt show in the drop down remove the power/power up again from the DAC and try again..


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when you first evaluated/bought it? I love it's midrange and detail, and overall musicality (too often used word, I know). The Berkeley, although more detail and wider soundstage, just misses, IMO, on the tube-like richness of the Weiss. have you had any issues with the firewire connectivity? What is your source(s)?




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I was the one who contacted Daniel about the my mac mini not recognizing DAC2. Tried with two different 9pin-6pin cable and no luck. Tried turning on the DAC before and after connection and opened the WEISS control panel software still no luck. the software indicated that device was not connected. The culprit could be a defect DAC or a defect mac mini.


Its good to hear that someone verified it worked, but I ended up returning the DAC and the mac mini out of frustration...




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No No! dont unplug the mini...your just repeating the same problem...leave the mini on and power down the weiss and back again...then like a USB device it recognises the new device and the weiss control panel shows....and the weiss locks onto the mac...the led stops flashing etc and you hear a click when it lock on after a second or 2


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