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Technical help needed please

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Ok, I have ripped all my cd collection to my EXT USB HDD using EAC with Accurate Rip installed. I use an SB3 and an Entech 205.2 DAC. I have modded the DAC, better capacitors, regulators, diodes and power supply. The SB3 is virginal... (so far!!) I do not want to touch this yet.


My question is.... can the path that the data takes thru the computer be optimised??? i.e. can better decoupling caps be used on the chips that shift all your audio data around?? does anyone know what this path is?? I know I don't!!


Thanks in advance for any info..



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Hey JC - There are companies working on this exact thing right now. It is a little out of my comfort zone to ofer an opinion on how to do this or what exactly can be done, so I'll leave it at that for now.


I really think this is an area where high end audio manufacturers will produce audiophile computers optimized for this function only.


Welcome to the site and thanks for posting!


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