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DAC help-comparison

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Has anybody compared the internal 2 channel DAC of the Denon 3808 to a Devilsound or Benchmark? Is the difference substantial? I need a DAC for the MacBook, Denon PMA-2000, PSB Platinum monitor system regardless, if it's noticably better (than 3808) I'll get 2. I'm thinking something like the devilsound and ease of use does count. I need suggestions! Also I'm not willing to order and return countless products, I'm looking to make a decision from the recommendations and return it only if it doesn't deliver. The price cap is $500 unless something amazing then just over $1k.


IMac, Magnepan 1.6, REL B2 sub Denon 3808, Oppo, and PS3. Second, and Denon PMA-2000(under-rated) , PSB Platinum speakers, MacBook, Ipod touch 16g.


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Dear N:


You might check out my first impressions on the Devilsound entitled:


"Devilsound v2 DAC - my preliminary thoughts"


This was not a review but a discussion of my goals and how the Devilsound functions. There are no superfluous gizmos or poor quality dials and switches which is key at this price range. As everyone's ears and systems are different, and no system is perfect, you will need to listen to any DAC to determine if it works for you.





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I am currently playing around with an M-Audio Fast Track Pro, which supposedly has 24bit/96KHz converters. Yes, it works with OS X and yes it does 24/96 output if you turn everything off. Unfortunately, it does not sound anywhere as good as the optical out going into my OLD Aragon D2A 16/48 converter.


I bought the Aragon used for $500 and it destroys the plastic box Fast Track Pro.


That being said, I also tried the M-Audio as a USB to Coaxial S/PDIF connection, which then goes into the Aragon D2A DAC. This beats out the Toslink Optical connection, but the toslink cable is cheap plastic, and I have no idea if a Glass Fiber optic cable would match the coaxial connection.


Will there be a substantial difference between cheaper and more expensive DACs??My system is currently transparent enough for me to say Yes. It's best to invest in the Source component. You can't clean up a river down stream, and if your front end isn't up to par, no amp or speaker will make it sound better.


Between the Devilsound and the Benchmark, I would go Benchmark. The future is downloads and that means 24bit/96KHz, which the Devilsound does not support. The benchmark Dacs will already be better then the 16bit dacs the Devilsound sells, so you are one step closer to amazing. :)








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