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Is there a way to rip SA-CDs?

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I haven't heard of any. Not consumer ones anyway. I seem to recall that there is a pro hardware/sw system out there but cost's in the 10's of thousands of dollars and is quite proprietary (read: it isn't for sale). I cannot see it on the web anywhere, so it is very possible that I'm wrong on that point. One of the cool things about computers is that they will answer these sorts of questions for you (of course causing you to have more questions though... 8^). Try this: do a search on "ripping SACD". Here is the return that I got: http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en-us&q=ripping+SACD&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 - lots of relevant info there. Yahoo and other engines like Ask will probably give you some different results.


regards, markr


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A hybrid SACD disc has two layers. The top layer is Red Book which you can rip.


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The proper answer is no. There is no legal way to rip SACDs. The real answer is yes, but it can be either difficult or expensive. Whenever someone posts something on the web as to the method or necessary hardware, the information is almost always pulled for legal reasons.


The proper thing to do is just rip the RB layer of the hybrid SACD disc. The other legal thing to do is to use the similar process for digitizing vinyl. Just use the best SACD player and ADC your budget allows to record the SACD. IMO if it's good enough for audiophile vinyl, it's good enough for SACDs.


Personally, I don't think it's worth the effort unless you have a large collection of SACDs and you're unhappy with ripping the RB layer. The digital landscape is changing with DVD-A largely gone and the future of SACD is dim.


I believe the future belongs to digital downloads and, largely driven by the video industry, Blu-ray that provides high rez multi-channel audio and video. Perhaps if the proprietary controls on SACDs were lifted, there might be a resurgence and mini-boom in SACDs. Regardless, high rez PCM is either very close or better than DSD and IMO if you don't believe it now, you will within the next few years.


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Your reply was tongue-in-cheek, right? You are not really advocating that "anyone" can own Puget Sound quality pro mastering and post production equipment? That "anyone" can get label approval? This is just a guess, but I guess that the OP was asking about consumer level stuff. :) For him, and the rest of us not in "the biz" the answer is no.



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