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Buried Treasure

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Been in Cyprus a few days and made a start at sorting the house out. My wife inherited it from her aunt, and the old lady threw nothing out since the house was built in 1952.


Spent the morning "mucking out" the high kitchen cupboards. They were lined with newspapers from 1962.


This afternoon two remarkable finds. A Philips BX230U table top wireless (radio), and a PYE BLACK BOX!!!!


I have know for years there was an acoustic gramophone in the house, but the Black Box is a very nice find. I changed the plug - it had a 2 pin 5A plug with only one pin! I put one of the &*s from the gramophone on the Monarch Autochanger, and off it went.


The radio does work but may need some attention - it's an average wireless of the day. The Black Box was rather up market - what do they sell for today?



Squeezebox Classic - Beresford Caiman-Gator DAC - Quad 520f with Dada refresh - Quart 980s German Tower Loudspeakers.

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