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Pixel Magic HD MediaBox MB200

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Does anyone have any experience with this device? According to their forums they support FLAC as well, even though it's not listed.


I've been considering what to do for my own media setup, and all I really need is a hard drive that can output audio and video over HDMI (so it needs to be able to handle a few codecs). Backup I'll handle by syncing the drive against a backup drive whenever I update it (this has one advantage versus raid, the backup drive won't undergo regular wear). I suspect the jitter-correction is subpar compared to a lot of solutions used by this site's readers, but I'd probably be satisfied with it.


Disadvantages: no built-in wireless, and quality in general seems to be lacking.


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Hi lasthemy - I have no direct experience with this device but products with an audiophile edition seem to be better than most. Most products could care less about anything audiophile. This one seems to have some quality parts to it. Of course it I could be 100% wrong here, but just thought I would offer my opinion.


If you're satisfied with the device no need to worry about the other readers of the site. A common theme around here is, if it sounds good to you that's all that matters.


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