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Diificulty with HD Tracks downloads

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I have a very similar setup and haven't had any problems with HDTracks.


On the off chance that this is some kind of permission problem, you might try going into your Applications->Utilities folder and open Disk Utility. Then select the disk where you have the system installed (in the left hand panel), and select "Verify Disk Permissions" with the button on the main panel. If you get any "Permissions differ on..." messages, then try running "Repair Disk Permissions".


It's a long shot though.


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Search in Spotlight for Java Preferences, open it, note the order first, then change the order that the versions appear in the lists. Sometimes applications (especially web based ones) can freeze as you describe because they don't have the built in code necessary to detect the appropriate Java version to use. Note that there is an 'applet' and 'applications' section for your preferences.


Might not be the cause, but is the most likely possibility I can think of. I've had Java based programs (and their pluggins) work or not because of this numerous times on Mac systems.


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When I go to the Java Preferences folder, I only get the "Applets" list, & there are only two versions listed: JS2E 5.0, & JS2E 1.4.2.


The 5.0 version is checked and is listed first in the box at the middle of the page.


I don't see anything associated with "applications". Do I need to look somewhere else?


Anything else to check?





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