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How do you accomplish this one?

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I will be setting up a very high end system in our new house but wanted to see if this is possible.

Right now I have available to me a 24/192 2 channel file from the recording engineer that originally used 4 microphones. This is an organ recording with a very large space.

WHAT IF I had him unmix the two channels and just do a discreet 4 channel 24/192 final product. He would take the original mix out and just the 4 real channels.

No problems with extra rear amplifier and speakers and no problem with two Berkley DAC, one for front and one for rear.

Can you use or program the Lynx card to use more of the available channels? Can the engineer do a 4 discreet channel and can it be run through a media program like Mediamonkey.

JUST CURIOUS how someone would accomplish this.


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You could have two sets of "stereo" tracks. Then the problem is queuing them up to start at exactly the same time. Then you can use the Lynx card and two stereo DACs.


Maybe a DAW software would do this for you. (digital audio workstation).


Steve N.

Empirical Audio


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