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How to copy iTunes libraries in Windows

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I would like to create an exact copy of the iTunes setup that I have on one Windows laptop to a different Windows laptop. The "master" is on my home theater laptop, and the other is a laptop that I travel with.


I don't need to keep them "in sync" ... every few months I can just "recopy" the master in the home theater.


I assume there is an easy way to do this, but could not find it. I found how to share a library so that there was one common source, and, how to move from one computer to another, but not how to copy from one to another.




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You know how to move from one computer to another, but not how to copy from one to another? How is the process any different?


Just keep the current one where it is, copy the iTunes folder (assuming that is the folder that stores your music, and the iTunes library files) to your other laptop.


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