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Thanks for your kind comments.


I know you're striving for answers and one of the reasons I hold you in such high regard is the fact you make statements like "I'd love to provide some measurements as to why there was a sound difference when both apps output bit perfect streams and I'll keep pursuing this goal" and of course you look after this excellent forum so well.


I'm particularly interested in learning more about the Amarra software. They are audio engineers sat well and truley in the professional scene (a good thing IMO). I look forward to hearing more about it.


Time to tuck into my unhealthy lunch.


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"When are the rest of us going to get copies of Amarra?"


I believe it's very close to an official release. I highly recommend calling one of the Amarra dealers. These guys know what they're talking about in terms of music servers, computer based playback. and possibly an official release date. I know a couple of the dealers personally and they are really nice as well. I hope you all live close enough to have a listen for yourselves so you can hear what I've been talking about :~)


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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall Daniel Weiss stating that Amarra software would be available to Weiss Minerva and Dac2 owners for $1500, which he stated was their price. I'd be surprised if they had many takers for even a quarter of this price.


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