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MacBook + Minerva: How close to SOTA?

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I have been paying attention to the evolution of computer audio for awhile, now, and am (perhaps) ready to wade in, albeit with the usual caveats (lack of computer-related knowledge and experience, primarily.)


My question: how close to state-of-the-art (let's say, as currently defined by the Computer Audiophile reference system) can I get using some form of Mac portable cabled to the Weiss Minerva DAC? It wouldn't bother me if you expressed your reply in terms of a percentage.


Thanks, all!


John Harrell


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Hi John - SOTA is somewhat ambiguous and impossible to define. For example I know of a music server in development that will retail for more than the price of a new automobile. The sound is stunning and I've never heard anything like it anywhere. This server I consider SOTA but others may not. Your proposed system with a MacBook and Minerva will be extremely good. You'd never be able to come close to the sound quality with the same amount of money and a traditional CD / Transport system. Bit perfect audio up to 24/192 is fabulous.


Plus, when Amarra is released you'll be able to use that as an application because Daniel Weiss has wisely worked something out with Sonic Studio to use Amarra with his DACs. Sure Amarra would be additional cost but it really is a great application.


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Chris, since you are familiar with both your own reference system, as outlined in the forum / CASH list, and Minerva (perhaps even MacBook to Minerva via firewire), how close do you think MacBook - Minerva would be to your own reference system?


I ask because it will be nearly impossible to audition Minerva in my area (small town.)








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Hey John, if you used a Weiss DAC2, the pro version of the Minerva and put the $2500 difference into a re-clocking device like the Empirical Audio Pace Car with Superclock4 upgrade which converts SPIDIF, Toslink, or AES into a variety of other connections while dramatically reducing jitter and paired that with pro software such as Wavelab or Sonar 8 for playback, you would be hard pressed to find anything near the quality especially compared to the cost of a state of the art CD Player/DAC stack + a high quality pre-amp combo in the range of $20,000+ given that you have a solid set of speakers to match. I'm also really eager to hear reviews of Steve Nugent's new Overdrive DAC driven by one of his re-clocking devices with the I2S input. He has an in home trial I believe and I really hope someone on the board could give his Pacecar + Overdrive a whirl! I would have bought a Pace Car myself but I got a really good deal on my external word clock.


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