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Display options for video and pc use

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This should be easy enough...


Now, with the Visiontek HD 4870, I'd like to get two things, primarily a pretty good 22 - 24 in. LCD DISPLAY for DVD/BR viewing, and normal PC use.... certainly the better the fit with the 4870 card, the better. Hook up will be via the DVI output, as the HDMI will feed the receiver, and I see no use for the S video what so ever.


Any thoughts for a really nice LCD mon in a not exorbatant price range?

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I bought an LG 22 inch last year after looking at all the displays available. I was happy until I bought a Rev. A 17 inch iMac: its display blows the LG away in terms of colour and blacks. I just don't know what to think anymore... :( But seriously, the LG L227WTG is what I am using and it is pretty good. It was under $350 too. I think that you have to move up to different display technology for the next level though (something about TFT or not TFT I forget now).


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