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A New Tune for High-End Audio

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"Nothing but the best or why bother?" is Ivan Messer's motto. His son describes him as a "first class or stay home" kind of guy. So it came as no surprise to his family when the 51-year-old money manager from Coral Springs, Fla., spent five years and a million dollars building a home theater. His setup includes 14 speakers, 16 amplifiers and 400 amps of current--more power than entire homes consume. "The system makes the speakers and walls disappear," says Messer. "You could get seasick watching Master and Commander in my theater."


Even more important to Messer than his 10-ft. (3 m) screen or $60,000 overhead projector is the McIntosh name that adorns every piece of audio gear. And we're not referring to Steve Jobs' brand--that would be Macintosh--but to the American producer of hi-fi components, which has cultivated an insanely loyal following over the past 50 years. Messer started accumulating the brand about 20 years ago, as soon as he could afford its bank-breaking prices. He spent $25,000 on his first system--a steal compared with the four 7-ft.-tall (2 m) XRT2K Mac loudspeakers he recently purchased for $45,000 each. "It's a big boy toy," he says. "If there were another brand better, I would get it, but 90% of what McIntosh makes is the best in its class."



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"Ivan's a great guy. He posts at the McIntosh forum at audiokarma.org often.


That is great to hear. I initially took him as a typical guy who likes the equipment more than the output (music / movies). I sense this is not the case?


Of course there is nothing wrong with just liking the gear. "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad." - Sheryl Crow


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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