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ALAC & MP3 Tagging application for OS X Please?!


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I'm having loads of trouble finding a decent tagging application for OS X. The closest I have found to what I'm after is TriTag: feedface.com/software/TriTag but it is lacking in features.


I would love something to tag both MP3 and Apple Lossless, but it would be great if it can handle other codecs of course! I used to use Abander Tag Control on a Windows machine which I found excellent/powerful once used to it, and would love to find a similar app I can use in OS X.


Before anyone jumps on their low pony... there are many legitimate reasons for wanting a tagging application beyond illegally downloading music, so lets keep it on topic OK ;)


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Are you going to be using iTunes as your music player? I do all of my ripping and metadata management within iTunes and it that works fine for me. Naturally ALAC is supported.


Or were you looking for something that will bring some level of automation to the task?


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Yes I'm using iTunes, but find it very limiting in terms of tagging information. I found another app called 'Tune Instructor' but it seems to be German based and support will be an issue.


I would like to be able to do things like: create tags from file name, restructure file name based on tags, create new folder structure based on tags/filename... that sort of thing... Thought it would be an easy application to find but I've had little success!


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For others looking for OS X tagging apps, so far I have found the following:


Tagr Tagr @ entwicklungsfreu.de Nice and simple, but limited codec support (no ALAC for example)

Jaikoz Jaikoz Audio Tagger Best I have found so far

Scripts Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ? This Tag, That Tag Scripts v2.0 There are others about, this is just an example.

Media Rage Welcome to Chaotic Software I'm yet to look into this, but looks promising. Not sure if it has any automated tagging, but has many other useful features. Downside seems to be price.




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Has anyone tried these? I am in the middle of tagging a collection of 200,000 songs, and it is painful to say the least. I have tried TuneUp, which works about 40% of the time and crashes very often. I have also tried Rinse, but that failed to actually alter the files. SongGenie and CoverScout look promising, so I am going to give them a shot ...


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